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Las Tortugas Taqueria is a family owned Mexican restaurant which opened up in 2009, In Shelby Township MI. On November of 2020 it relocated to Sterling Hts. MI. At Las Tortugas you will get a little taste of Mexico, from the food and drinks, to the music, art, and sports.

With food and flavors inspired by the great state of San Luis Potosi, we strive to bring you the most authentic food possible. From the traditional foods like Tacos, Tortas, and Gorditas. To the traditional drinks like Horchata, Jamaica, and Jarritos. Our bar also has a wide variety of spirits, and beverages to pair with your food.

At our market in Shelby township is where you will find Mexican products, produce, and meats. Along with other services such as, money wiring, and check cashing.

years cooking Michigan's most authentic Mexican cuisine 

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locations to visit, the restaurant in Sterling Hts. and  market in Shelby Township.




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